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  1. Take action

    8 Septembre 2016 The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19 September was an historic opportunity for the world to agree on a better response to large movements of refugees and migrants. We are asking you to continue to be involved and take action: ...

  2. At General Assembly, Bosnia and Herzegovina stresses central role of UN in preventing war

    20 Septembre 2017 The leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country born two decades ago in the

  3. Situation on Australian offshore processing facility at risk of further deterioration, UN warns

    24 Novembre 2017 Stating that the beating of refugees and asylum-seekers at the former

  4. Kazakhstan at UN Assembly urges cooperation amid 'fragmented' world economy

    23 Septembre 2016 Amid the global economic slowdown and new trans-continental trade and investment

  5. EU should seek common approach to address tragic loss of life on Mediterranean – UN agencies

    2 Février 2017 Ahead of a meeting of the European Council, the United Nations ref

  6. PODCAST: Tea and empathy – Refugee ZamZam Yusuf’s extraordinary journey

    15 Janvier 2018 Somali refugee ZamZam Yusuf has a message for any neighbours who think she doesn’t ha

  7. 'Failure to broker peace' hinders solutions to displacement, UN refugee chief tells Security Council

    2 Novembre 2017 The head of the United Nations refugee agency on Thursday urged

  8. Baku Forum: Time to find 'magic formula' for peaceful coexistence, says UNESCO chief

    6 Mai 2017 It is time to find that “magic formula” that will encourage people to live together in peace,

  9. ISTANBUL : A l'ouverture du Sommet humanitaire, Ban Ki-moon appelle à 'façonner un avenir différent'

    23 Mai 2016 Lors de la cérémonie d'ouverture du premier

  10. The SDG media zone opens on Monday

    16 Septembre 2016