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  1. ILO Governing Body and its Committee Sessions 327th (ILO)

    13 六月 2016 Location: Geneva Date: 11/06/2016 (全天)

  2. Asia-Pacific regional consultations on UN strategy for safe migration open in Bangkok

    6 十一月 2017 With ever-increasing numbers of people on the move, travelling

  3. Regional consultations

    16 五月 2017 Regional preparatory meeting, organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Santiago, 30-31 August 2017

  4. On World Day, UN urges stronger action to shield millions from human trafficking

    29 七月 2016 The international community must do more to end the inhumane practice o

  5. Feature: Curtain rises on world's busiest diplomatic arena at UN Headquarters

    16 九月 2016 As world leaders gather in New York in the coming days, the curtain will soon ris

  6. Ban announces new initiatives to enhance UN's work with and for world's youth

    12 八月 2016 Bolstering the commitment of the United Nations to work with a

  7. Campaigns

    15 六月 2016    

  8. Turkey’s Erdogan challenges world leaders at UN Assembly to end bloodshed in Syria

    20 九月 2016 Drawing particular attention to the nearly six year crisis in Syria where hundreds of tho

  9. At UN, European leaders stress importance of international cooperation to tackle global challenges

    22 九月 2016 Emphasizing in an address to the United Nations today the magnitude of the challenges con ...

  10. At UN Assembly, Pacific small islands urge collective action against climate change impacts

    22 九月 2017 Addressing the 72nd annual general debate at the United Nations General Assembly, leaders f