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  1. UN human rights expert calls upon Afghan Government to urgently address displacement crisis

    20 十月 2016 The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally D

  2. International cooperation

    1 六月 2017 Background documents Invitation from the co-facilitators to the session and the informal stakeholder dialogue Procedural note (including agenda)

  3. Ban hails Argentina’s commitment to UN values as illustrated by its actions

    8 八月 2016 On a visit to Argentina, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon applauded

  4. UN scaling up assistance as number of Rohingya refugees grows to over 400,000

    19 九月 2017 As the number of Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh surpasses 400

  5. Migration challenges must be met with ‘conviction and compassion,’ Prime Minister of Malta tells UN

    23 九月 2016... Highlighting the magnitude of the refugee and migration crisis, the Prime Minister of Malta ...

  6. Related events

    17 八月 2016... A full list of all UNGA side list is available on the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service website.   The Role of Education ...

  7. Opening Assembly debate, Ban calls on world leaders ‘act now,’ work together for a better future

    20 九月 2016 Highlighting the challenges confronting the global community, United Nations Secretary- ...

  8. Asylum and refugee protection represent ‘humanity at its best,’ says senior UN official

    5 十月 2017 Warning of threats to the global asylum environment, the United Nations refuge

  9. EU has largely ‘abandoned’ Greece to deal with migrant crisis on its own, UN expert warns

    17 五月 2016 The suffering of migrants in Greece is the result of a complete absence of long-term visi

  10. UN agency lays foundation for its biggest logistics base in Gaza

    31 八月 2016 The United Nations relief agency charged with the well-being of Palestinian refuge